When A Cloud Become A Cloud

Author: Rob Hodgson

Description: Meet Cloud! Follow along as she moves, transforms, precipitates, and more in this charming and humorous portrayal of the water cycle. From drizzle to snow to a thunderstorm party, Cloud's journey is documented through short, engaging chapters that capture the excitement and humor of weather in its many forms.


The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics

Author: Susan Hood

Description:  This collection of brilliant, lyrical nonfiction poems with bright, colorful illustrations highlights the threat of plastic and the kids who are fighting for change to save our planet.

Hood's poems highlight the threat of plastic and shows how it is hurting the health of our planet. You'll discover how scientists are using jellyfish snot and other methods to break down plastic pollution faster. Hood then introduces readers to young activists who are standing up and speaking out for change-- and inspires you to change the way you think about plastic!


Start Now! You Can Make a Difference

Author: Chelsea Clinton

Description: Hearts, lung and why we should all wash our hands -- Food, hunger and why vitamins are awesome -- Water, weather and why we don't drink our poop -- Rhino horns & tiger teeth aren't magical -- Bullies, friends and anyone can be an ally.