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HalloWIZ Pumpkins

Carve a HalloWIZ Pumpkin

Whether you are a pro or this is your first time carving a pumpkin, add the Wizards into your Halloween this year with these special pumpkin stencils. 

Show your DC Family pride by choosing from our 3 logos stencils or represent your favorite Wizards player by carving their number on your pumpkin! Carve your own to have the best-looking pumpkin in the entire neighborhood. 

If you prefer not to carve, these stencils work great with paint or markers too! 

Kids do not try this activity without an adult present.

Pumpkin Carving Instructions

  1. Cut open the crown of the pumpkin with a knife. Using a large spoon, scoop out and discard the seeds. 
  2. Tape the HalloWIZ stencil to your pumpkin 
  3. Punch small holes along the lines of the stencil using something with a sharp point. (pens, pencils, & toothpicks work great!)
  4. Once you've poked enough holes to follow a path, remove the stencil and start carving!

Be sure to share your masterpiece on social media with #HappyHalloWIZ and tag us so we can see how great it turned out!


Happy HalloWIZ!